Itinerary 2: TUSCANY

preferred TIME of the year MAY, JUNE



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  • Ryder Dream Match
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Golf course




Unlike most of other regions in Italy, Tuscany offers quite a few public courses, to promote golf to tourists.

Many courses are far away from well known cities, and not easy to get to, but to drive along country roads and soak up the Tuscan landscape is a an experience in itself. The mild climate allows golfers to enjoy playing all year round. I have chosen six courses out of 23 that reside within this region. Most of them are located in beautiful settings, either between towering cypress trees or olive groves. 

Photo Courtesy of Castelfalfi Resort

DAY 1-2

I played at this golf course during my first professional tournament back in 2000 and I have great memories on this course. The Championship course is nestled in the Mugello valley, by the Apennine Mountains and it accommodates all levels of golfers.

  • MONDAY 18 Holes morning Tee Time

  • TUSDAY 18 Holes morning Tee Time

  • I suggest DRIVING, golf course is hilly



The second Golf Club we will visit, offers a good variety of holes; water hazards, high trees and OB on a few holes. The views and layout are extremely charming, with lots of olive trees and green lush vegetation.

  • 18 Holes morning Tee Times

  • I suggest WALKING

DAY 4-5-6


This Golf Course is among the most fascinating golf settings I have ever experienced. The course, with its 36 holes, is in great shape all year round. This is due to the temperate climate and great course maintenance.

  • FRIDAY 18 Holes White course morning Tee Time

  • SATURDAY 18 Holes Red course morning Tee Time

  • SUNDAY short, long game practice and 9 Holes

  • I suggest DRIVING, golf course is hilly

Photo Courtesy of Catelfalfi Resort

DAY 7-8


Golf Course Number 4 is located 12km south of Siena. Robert Trent Jr designed the course and it was his first in Tuscany. It is a links style golf course, with lots of elevation changes and a few blind shots. The service is impeccable and once again you will appreciate waking up in the morning right by the first tee.

  • ​MONDAY 18 Holes morning Tee Time

  • TUSDAY 18 Holes morning Tee Time

  • I suggest DRIVING

DAY 9-10


This beautiful course is one of the oldest in Tuscany. The panoramic layout overlooks the Tirreno Sea and it is surrounded by the rich Mediterranean vegetation. Skill and accuracy are vital, yet it is fun for all levels of golfers.

  • WEDNESDAY 18 Holes afternoon Tee Time

  • THURSDAY 18 Holes morning Tee Time

  • I suggest WALKING

DAY 11-12


Last but not least, I have chosen this Golf Course because it is one of the most popular and oldest courses in Italy. It was built in 1934 and that is the reason why the set-up is shorter than the others, yet it is still charming. It is located at the edge of the beautiful Chianti country. The club house is surrounded by cypress and pine trees and overlooks the course that lays out in a circle around it.

  • FRIDAY 9 Holes afternoon Tee Time

  • SATURDAY 18 Holes morning Tee Time

  • I suggest DRIVING, golf course is short but hilly


Tuscany is bounded by the Apennine Mountains to the east and by the Tyrrhenian Sea to the west. It is one of the largest regions in Italy, but not as populated. Tuscany is a well-known tourist destination because of the beautiful landscapes, traditions, history and its artistic legacy. Seven Tuscan localities have been designated World Heritage sites and it has over 120 protected reserves. We will be traveling from the north to the south coast, enjoying the romantic glamour and endless rolling hills, cypress-lined country roads and hilltop villages. We will visit famous cities like Lucca, Pisa, Siena and Florence. and We will discover what remains from the first major civilization, ruins from VII B.C. We will visit small medieval villages, quietly situated in beautiful landscapes, where time stands still. The foundation of these architectural gems, date back in the ancient time and give us an alluring look to beauty and history.

Tuscany has a unique artistic legacy and the world believes that its capital, Florence, hosts the largest number of Renaissance  art and architecture works. The most famous painters, architects and sculptors have made their way here, influenced by the natural beauty, which was the inspiration for their art works



We will visit a Castle and then drive to a Monastery. The monks still live and pray here, where mass and other activities are held. The terrace goes all around and the view is stunning. I have to say that this is one of the deepest experiences I had in Tuscany and it would be a pity to miss it.

After lunch, The Golf Group will join The Cultural Group to visit a village which is rated one of the most beautiful walled villages (Borghi) in Italy. It was established in 1299 as a fortified settlement to better control the Council of Florence. It is very famous for making of hand-crafted knives.



We will leave the Hotel to drive to the birthplace of famous composers like Puccini (La Boheme & Madame Butterfly). This area was an Etruscan settlement and a Roman colony. The walls encircling the old town remain intact, allowing pedestrians to walk atop the walls, passing through the bastions. It took more than 100 years to complete this defensive monument. The walls guaranteed its independence until the end of the 18th century.


We will visit a VILLA where many important people of the past once lived and organized their parties. We will continue our drive and stop in a town that during the Renaissance was one of the most important centers of POTTERY PRODUCTION. Some pieces of its pottery have been found in archeological sites in Central America, which relates to the first European settlement in the area. Before reaching our next hotel we will visit a village located on a hilltop dominating the river plains. The village has preserved an historic center that envelops the Cathedral, the Tower fortress, the Municipal and Episcopal palaces.


The history of the  first town we will visit, goes back to Etruscan times. The Etruscan is a civilization that settled in Italy about 800 B.C. and it was one of the first civilizations to develop a system of writing. The town nowadays hosts different festivals and it is well-known for shoemaking, furniture and wine. Next stop is another famous walled town, located in the Chianti country near Siena. It is known as the “city of beautiful towers”. It had 72 towers in its heyday, now 14 remain. In the novel “The Broker” by John Grisham, its main character Joel Backman travels here with his second of three wives. Our last stop for the day will be a walled mountaintop town whose structure comes from the Etruscan area. The main features are 2 castles and numerous remains. The ambience is so attractive that The Twilight Saga: New Moon was set partially here.


The Cultural Group will start their drive north to visit a spectacular city. The city’s symbol is well-known worldwide, a leaning tower that amazes everyone because it has stood the test of time. It was built in Medieval times and you can still walk to the top to enjoy the view of this beautiful city. The tower is not the only marvel to see and the best way to enjoy the sights and atmosphere is walking the streets or eating a gelato by the river Arno.


The Cultural Group will enjoy a relaxing morning in the hotel’s SPA and outdoor swimming pool. After lunch both groups will drive to a winery to visit the cantina and do wine tasting.


The Cultural Group will enjoy a relaxing morning in the hotel’s SPA and outdoor swimming pool. After lunch both groups will drive to a winery to visit the cantina and do wine tasting.


We will drive to a hill town that became famous for its wine. This village is beautiffuly maintained and there are many “enoteca”where the group can indulge in wine tasting.


 The Cultural Group will enjoy half a day at the resort that once was a medieval village. The resort preserves its historical character yet has modern accommodations, a championship golf course and a beautiful SPA. You will experience the atmosphere of living in a medieval village while staying in a luxury hotel.

DAY 10


We will relax on the private beach of this luxury hotel and soak in the beauty of one of the Italian rivieras.

DAY 11


We will take a boat ride to one of the Italian islands.

DAY 12

We will start our drive early in the morning to reach our last hotel. The Golf group can decide to play 9 holes at a Country Club  located few miles away from the city center or join the Cultural Group for a walk around the city.

DAY 13

 We will spend our last day in Florence, which is the capital of Tuscany.  In the year 250, it was the most important city in Europe and the birthplace of Italian Renaissance. Florentines financed the development of industry over Europe. They financed English kings in war, explorers, Papacy and the Vatican. Their financial power came from the reinvention of money in the form of “the gold florin”. Science pioneers benefitted from the Florentinian wealth.  Opera was invented in Florence and was home of the Medici family, perhaps the most influential family that ever lived. The family taught how to conduct state-craft and financed art masters for their work. Cimabue, Giotto, Donatello, Ghiberti, Botticelli, Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci are just few of the artists that benefit from the Medici’s wealth. Florence’s history is filled with epic moments and still nowadays we can witness its elegance and power. 


Traditional Tuscan  cuisine is all about local, fresh and simple ingredients of the season. Bread and olive oil are essential in every meal, transforming simple food into one of the most popular appetizers in the world: BRUSCHETTA. From the principal that food is the main life ingredient and nothing should be wasted, stale bread is used as the base for RIBOLLITA soup. Other first courses use wild game ingredients and although the food may be simple, it is rich in flavor, very healthy and quite filling.

The temperate climate is not vital just for golf, but essential for the success of Tuscan wine, maintaining the grapes balance in sugars, acidity and aroma. Sangiovese is the primary grape used to make some of the world’s best wine like CHIANTI, BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO, SASSICAIA, VINO NOBILE DI MONTEPULCIANO etc.                      


No meal can be truly enjoyed unless  you have a glass of wine and no meal can end without dipping a CANTUCCIO (Tuscan cookie) in a glass of VIN SANTO (Tuscan dessert wine). Wine is so essential for every Italian, that it has been defined as “the juice of the God’s”.

  • Welcoming dinner in the beautiful Hotel's TERRACE

  • Private Room dining experience in the CANTINA

  • Wine tasting in one of the most famous wine countries in the world

  • Cooking Class

  • Last dinner in the hotel's PRIVATE ROOM

  • All dinners are gourmet experiences



This luxury hotel  is set just a few miles away from the golf course and sets in the Tuscan hills of Mugello. The Villa is one of the most beautiful late Renaissance country homes in Tuscany. It offers a wellness center, outdoor pool and a private park.

Second HOTEL

I had the opportunity to visit this hotel before its grand opening. I was extremely impressed with the setting, the staff and the services. It overlooks a  spectacular golf course which we are going to enjoy playing.


The third hotel we will be staying at is aa  Golf & SPA Resort, blending itself between the rolling countryside of Tuscany. Once a medieval village, the resort preserves its character with modern accommodations, a championship golf course and a beautiful SPA. You will experience the atmosphere of living in a medieval village while staying in a luxury hotel.

Fourth HOTEL

This hotel is situated in the elegant port of Punta Ala. I have chosen it because It offers the perfect combination of breathtaking ocean views and an intimate and secluded setting.


The last two nights of our trip will be spent in this luxury hotel. We will also celebrate our last evening by dining in one of the private rooms. I have chosen this beautiful hotel because it is located in the heart of Florence where you will experience staying in one of the most charming and romantic cities in the world.