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Have you ever wonder what could be the most difficult task while playing a golf tournament ?

Maybe hitting the golf ball or making the last putt? teeing it up in front of hundreds of people?...

Golf is a game that test your discipline about being able to stick to what is important and to focus on what is under your control (most of the time what we would like to control is what is NOT controllable).

What IS under our control? After we make contact with the ball we often call her names, giving her advice on when to stop or to keep on flying. We distract ourself with what is not under our control and we end up forgetting that the POST SHOT ROUTINE is crucial to build long term confidence and a constructive attitude.

10 seconds of discipline... the hardest task in golf!!! It is the hardest thing to do because the ball is flying and the destiny of our next shot is creating. 10 seconds during which we must force ourself to be objective, to keep emotions out of the equation. We must hold our head high to allow just positive thoughts to crawl in.

Is it good enough? Did I do my best? if not... Can I move on and forgive myself?

The post shot routine is a mental, emotional and physical challenge. Most of us, professional players, are capable to keep our emotions inside, hiding it by keeping calm, but what about our inner voice? is it as calm? can we keep cool?

Most of amateurs instead allow all their emotions to scream out, without any awareness on how ugly, grotesque and unpleasant they become. If you do not care to look prettier, at least remember that a smart reaction to your shot can improve your game in the long run, especially it will help you avoid those "blind moments" during a golf round...

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