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Time goes so fast and today is December already…

For a professional golfer it means rest, recover, stay home and practice, but for me it used to be the perfect time to enjoy other sports, like skiing. Many athletes do not want to practice other sports and I can see why; “what if I get injured?” or “I need a specific golf program and other sports would put my out of balance”…

I have always believed quite the opposite. Enjoying other sport will improve your athleticism and it will balance your whole body and well being. Skiing especially is great for golfers because strengthen your legs and gluts, help you immensely with stability and power from the ground.

My best starting of the year was 2013. I had four TOP 10 in a row and few TOP 20. I was flawless, energized, I had a clear mind, focus and positive. I had NO expectations because I ski all winter. I did “practiced peak performance” indeed, adaptability, core and legs strengthening. With the help of a small indoor putting, I kept a great feeling and touch and I was able to make lots of birdies.

This proved me that enjoying other sports is not just fun and enjoyable but it really can help your game, no matter if you are a pro golfer or a kid trying to win your first match. Many parents or manager prohibit their kids or athlete to do so, unaware that peak performance IS everyones GOAL, and reaching it by doing other sports is as important, if not more, then training just to be good at golf.

The benefits are: quicker recovery from injuries because your body is well balanced, a better and quicker learning swing process because your body is familiar with other movements, more adaptability, more athleticism, better mind set, constant capability to overcome different obstacles and challenges, and last but not least keep it FUN, because at the end of the day we MUST ENJOY WHAT WE DO TO IT AT OUR BEST.

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