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There are different types of jet leg depending on which Continent you are crossing. The worst is when you travel from Asia To North America it hits you bad and it lasts days. If you travel from east to west it is pretty easy to deal with it and from west to east can be tricky.

Does not matter where you are coming from, if you change your watch as soon as you are bording the plane, you will understand how to menage your meals, and that is one of the secrets. Please do not eat all they serve you on the flight, even if the portions seems small, the food is full of sugar and it will keep you awake and you need to arrive with an empty stomach to perfectaly adjust to a new good eating pattern. Try to order just water, I know that wine is good for you and might seems that it helps put you right a sleep, but drinking alchool at high altitude it will make you feel worst once you have landed. Many people use sleeping pills, but if you travel from west to east you should not sleep much on the plane, read a book, watch few movies, write a journal, talk to the flightattende (they usually enjoy that) and take just a few hours nap. Do the opposite if you travel from east to west. Try to sleep as much as possible and as soon as you arrive go for a run, a jog or walk for at least 40', anyway MOVE. Once you arrive at your destination beaware that, if you travelled from west to east you will want to sleep in, my tip is: go to sleep around midnight but set an alarm no later then 8AM. If you travelled from east to west, go to sleep early! you will probably weak up around 2AM, take melatonine pill becasue it will help you fall asleep again for three hours. You will likly weak up at 5AM, but no problem, get up and enjoy the feeling of rising just before the sun does, it is a great feeling!

I have been traveling since I was twelve years old and my avarage was 15 overseas flights and 25 around North America. I always carry with me lots of WATER, EARPLUGS, TOOTHBRUSH and FACIAL CREAM. Earplugs are ESSENTIAL because even if we tend not to notice, but there is so much background noise on the flight and after 10 hours it will drain you!!!

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