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All of you already know that Ester Ledecka is the Winter Olympic Gold Medal for Super-G, and all of you know that she is the World Champion in Snowboarding... but let's stop for a second and think about this... to be able to accomplish such thing is unimaginable!

Every sport and discipline today bring their athletes to the extreme, both physically and psychologically. It seems like if you are a professional athlete you have to train so much that there would be no time to practice anything else. Maybe we started to train ourself to much as robots, forgetting that we have to express ourself IN THE MOMENT and to be able to do it at our best, we must being able to adapt to changing situations.

Peak Performance is a state of mind and can be achieved in anything that involve an action. Once we discover how to get there, the process is the same for anything we do. Our body is so much better than a machine and we should understand that when we train our body is reinventing itself and if we expose our mind and body to different tasks, we will inevitably become better. I see kids growing up to become great golfers and yet are not able to run or do a jumping jack. I see kids so focus on becoming perfect that they forget to accept being vulnerable.

Once I have read the story of Ester I was profoundly moved by her determination and love for sports. She is the perfect example of what I call a real talent and once again I want to convince young golfers that JUST playing golf is NOT the way to go!

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