Itinerary 4: PIEMONTE

preferred TIME of the year end of OCTOBER, NOVEMBER (white truffle season)
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With ITALY DREAM GOLF you can forget your wallet at home because EVERYTHING is included in the 
final prize.
  • 5 golf courses (green fees, practice range, golf carts, playing with GIULIA)
  • 6 rounds of 18 holes
  • Rider Dream Match
  • 4 to 5 stars HOTELS 
  • Private transportation (2 mini-vans)
  • 24/7 cultural assistant
  • All Meals (out of 9 dinners we offer 8 dining experiences and 5 truffle specialties, 1 night you are on your own)
  • Wine tasting, chocolate tasting, grappa tasting and cooking class
  • All museum and cultural experiences         
NOT INCLUDED: airfare, shipping golf bags, travel insurance, 1 dining experience, personal shopping, premium wine and spirits    


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Chocolate Truffles




The Piedmont region has always been considered, among Italian golfers, as the best golf destination and the one that offers the most authentic experience. This region sits at the foot of the western Alps, known for its delightful food and wine, In Piedmont there are 23 nine holes courses and 18 eighteen holes courses. Among them, some were awarded for few consecutive years as the best in Italy.     

I know that you will enjoy each one of them especially if you decide to walk them.

As part of our golf experience, I have designed a teaching program that will allow you to improve your short game, long game and warm up routine. We will play different matches and games so we will be ready to compete, on our final day  in the Ryder Dream Cup: USA against ITALY!

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The Golf Group will depart in the morning to play at Francesco Molinari’s home golf course. In my opinion this is one of the best private country clubs we have in Italy. The club house is very classy and holds a lot of tradition. It offers two different courses: we will play the Championship course, where The Men's Italian Open was played 3 times. After an enjoyable lunch at the club, we will join the cultural group to visit The Royal Residence and Garden in Venaria Reale.

  • 18 holes

  • Course is flat and can be easily walked



The Golf Group will drive early in the morning to play a magnificent golf course an hour's drive away. This golf course has ranked 18 times as the BEST COURSE in ITALY. The view is breathtaking, located 600m above sea level. It is a woodland style golf course, designed by an English architect, Joh Morrison, and built in 1957. After golf we will join the cultural group to visit a famous castle.

  • 18 holes

  • course is undulating, we suggest riding the cart

Torino alta.jpeg



The third golf course we will visit has 36 holes and has been ranked among the top three courses in Italy since 1985. Today it is home of the Edoardo Molinari Golf Academy and it hosted the Italian Open in 2009 and 2012. After a quick lunch at the club we will start our drive to the second hotel in Monferrato d’Alba.

  • 18 holes 

  • course is flat, we suggest walking


Within just a short drive from our hotel, we will play our fourth golf course. While playing this beautiful 18 hole-course one can easily be drawn to the memorable surrounding scenery of the gentle hills of the Langhe.

  • 18 holes 

  • course is ondulalating, we suggest riding


The Golf Group will drive to the fifth and last golf course. It is a 36-holes C.C., both red and yellow courses are really fun and challenging. Located in the heart of the beautiful Monferrato, the surrounding is hilly and course quite undulated. On our first visit we will play the links course. 

  • 18 holes

  • course is fairly hilly and we suggest driving


On our last golfing day, we will enjoy a friendly match against the Italian Team, members of the CC

  • Ryder Dream Match

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The most precious treasures of Piemonte are those from the Baroque era: the palaces of the Savoy capital, the churches, the residences and the piazzas. Splendid examples of its architecture include the Reggia di Venaria, the Palazzina di Stupinigi, the Royal Palace, the Castles of Moncalieri and Racconigi. These are summer residences and hunting lodges. They are exceptional examples of pomp and wealth and they were recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1997. Due to its geographic position, this particular region has always been subject to multiple invasions, clashes and conquests. It took centuries for the unification process of Piemonte to be completed under the Savoy family and then its involvement in the power struggles between Europe’s largest ruling dynasties in the 16th century. Turin is its capital and the territory is divided into three distinctive parts: the northern part, the southeast known by the name of LANGHE and the west side known as MONFERRATO.


DAY 1 

We will pick you up at Milan Malpensa airport and drive you to our first hotel in the heart of Turin. In the afternoon, we will relax and explore the city. The welcome dinner will be held in the Hotel restaurant.



The Cultural Group will visit the city of Turin, starting from Via Roma to reach the Consolata Church and the Royal Palace, home of the Savoy family.  In the afternoon, we will join the golf group to visit the Reggia di Venaria. The Palace is a huge complex with 80,000 square meters of monumental buildings and 50 acres of gardens. It is a masterpiece of architecture and landscape, declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1997 and opened to the public in 2007. The monumental buildings boasts some of the highest expressions of the universal Baroque influence, like the enchanting scenery of the Hall of Diana, designed by Amedeo di Castellamonte. Today the Palace is the scene of a "permanent cultural project" which offers visitors a 360-degree experience: an opportunity to know and appreciate the historical and natural Italian heritage.

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P. Gastaldi



The Cultural Group will drive north of Turin to explore four of the most well-maintained castles in that area. Ivrea Castle (built in 1358), Agile` Castle (the Residences of the Royal House of Savoy, the interior includes 300 rooms), Masino Castle (the entire building is covered with frescos and it is beautifully furnished) and the Ropollo Castle (an impressive 9th century castle).



The Cultural Group will have a choice to visit the famous Egyptian Museum or to indulge in a chocolate-tasting tour before driving to the next hotel.

DAY 5 


The Cultural Group will have a short drive  to reach Barolo, a town that gave the name to the most famous Piemontese wine. We will visit the Castle, the Museum  of Wine and the Museum of Corkscrew. After an enjoyable lunch, we will drive to visit the Castle of Serralunga and to enjoy the stunning view.

DAY 6 

The entire day will be dedicated to experiencing the white truffle of Alba. We will visit the town of Alba and we will attend the Fair of the Truffle.




The Cultural Group will visit a contemporary art museum and after lunch a grappa distillery and a winery.  



We will wake up right on the golf course and we will play the Ryder Dream Match against an Italian team. After lunch we will experience the adventure of “truffle hunting”.

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Piemonte is Italy's best wine region. It is a wine lover's paradise, producing Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera and Dolcetto d'Alba. It might be hard to believe but its gastronomic pleasures equal its enological offerings. Olives do not grow well in this climate so the local cooking tradition relies more on butter and lard. Piemonte flavors are deliciously rich and tasty, they reflect the long cold months and are ideal served with full-bodied wines. At the top of its regional culinary specialties, there are the white truffles. This famous fungus is considerably rare, cannot be cultivated and it grows just few months out of the year: from October to December. Black truffles are more common and can be found in France as well as other parts of Italy. Piemonte is the birth place of "grissini" (breadsticks) and Nutella (chocolate spread). Among the most famous dishes of this area are BAGNA CAUDA (a mixture of anchovies, garlic and raw vegetable), RAVIOLI PLIN (tiny pockets of dough, filled with meat) and CARNE BATTUTA

(finely  chopped raw meat similar to steak tartare).

  • We will serve white truffle for 4 nights out of 8

  • Cooking Class

  • Wine Tasting, in a splendid cantina

  • Truffle Hunting

  • Chocolate and Grappa Tasting



We have chosen the best hotel in Turin, known for its location, services and comfort. You can easily walk downtown Turin any time of the day. You will love the experience of living right downtown the  regional capital.


Among many choices, we chose this hotel for the magnificent views over the Barolo hills, the elegant style of the rooms and the cantina. The friendly staff will make you feel right at home. The Villa is located in the heart of a baroque villages which is rich in history, culture and beauty.


The third hotel is located right on the golf course. It was originally a family countryside villa, now it offers 8 rooms and a rustic tavern. The rooms are simple but well decorated. We believe that it will be paradise for avid golfers.

Villa Becccaris stanza.jpeg
Villa Beccaris Giardino.jpg