Our ITINERARIES are usually 12 days/11 nights. They are UNIQUE because you can decide how much golf to play during your stay. They are not intended just for golfers. If you don't want to play golf every day or you do not play at all, we offer a DAILY  CULTURAL PROGRAM with our PRIVATE ASSISTANT.


EVERY ITINERARY is different because EACH PART of ITALY is different:

VENETO is great for changing sceneries, food, wine, luxury boutique hotels and to experience living on a private island

TUSCANY is great for golf courses, cultural visits, food, wine and luxury hotels

THE LAKES is great for golf courses, shopping, luxury hotels right on the lake and romantic setting

PIEMONTE is great for golf courses, food, wine and luxury boutique hotels


  • LUXURY and BOUTIQUES hotels

  • PRIVATE transportation


  • GOLF EXPERIENCE golfing with LPGA player, green fee, golf cart, driving range, Rider Dream Match

  • CULTURAL EXPERIENCE including museum tickets and visits entries 

  • ALL MEALS breakfast, light lunch and gourmet dinner. "Premium" drinks are NOT included

  • WINE tasting



   please write us at info@italydreamgolf.com


Veneto is one of the twenty Italian regions, stretching from the Dolomite Mountains to the Adriatic Sea. Venice is its regional capital aand biggest city, and it is where most of the visitors spend their time. Once you discover what awaits you, just one or two hours away from Venice, you will

 fall  in love with the northeast part of Italy.

Tuscany is a region in the center of Italy and its capital is FLORENCE. Its picturesque hills towns, historic cities, beaches and countryside make Tuscany one of Italy's top travel destinations.

The South of Italy offers perfect weather all year round. Beautiful sunny days with a fresh breeze coming from the Sea. Perfect for golf and summer vacations

Piemonte is located in the northwest and it means "at the feet of the mountain". Piemonte was part of the Duchy of Savoy until 1860 when the Duke of Savoy became King of Italy. Castles, Tartufo and Barolo are just few of the highlights od this itinerary.

The Italian Lakes are considered the most romantic setting in Italy and in the world. Lake Maggiore and Lake Como are the most famous and located near Milan, in the middle of the northern part of Italy. They are set against the foothills of the Alps. The atmosphere and natural surroundings have impressed visitors since the Roman Times.

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Italy Dream Golf is a vacation for ALL LEVELS of golfers. Playing with an Olympian simply means that you will discover so much more than just playing golf. Giulia's stories, her passion, her commitment to the game makes it so much more fun, especially for those who just started playing! Golf in Italy can be quite a different experience from playing anywhere else in the world. In 1902, the British community brought golf to Italy and the first course was built in Rome. After WWII, the number of golf courses increased dramatically due to military aid from the USA and Great Britain. Golf is not a very popular sport compared to the USA. We only have 90,027 golfers and 417 courses, mostly located in the northern part of Italy. The USA has approx 30 million golfers and more than 15,000 courses. In Italy all the clubs are semi-private and, like the USA offer a social environment. Most of them are in good shape, but not in as perfect condition as some private country clubs in America. The setting of the courses encourages players to walk instead of driving. In addition to enjoying the experience of playing in Italy, we organize some fun activities such as the ITALY DREAM CHALLENGE and the RYDER DREAM MATCH



Our itineraries also provide a daily cultural program because we know that not everyone will want to play golf every day. Our Cultural Assistant is an energetic, charming, passionate and yet very competent man. He will take you places no one has ever heard of... 

Italy is not very big and not over populated, but here we can enjoy the biggest biodiversity in Europe. Out of the whole number of European species, Italy host 50% of the vegetal ones and the 30% of the living beings. Wondering why our cuisine is rich in flavors, I came to realize that we have the widest variety of autoctone vineyards. As of today, more than 500 different types of grapes have been catalogued with new ones being constantly discovered. The history of the Mediterranean peninsula is among the oldest in the world, marking this territory as the birthplace of modern civilization. The historical keystone of its civilization  can goes all the way back to 750 B.C. When Rome was founded. Rome ruled for more than 300 years over vast territories, stretching from North Europe to North Africa and the Middle East. Our roots go deep in the millenniums, our territory has been subjected through the centuries to uncountable influences and has been marked by episodes of temporary unification and long separation. These peculiarities lead our country to host more than 60% of the world's artistic heritage, most of which are gems hidden from visitor’s eyes. There is so much beauty to be revealed and I want to take you  there... follow us on this unforgettable adventure!



You will taste the real flavors of Italy in "out of the way" restaurants. ITALY DREAM GOLF is a true Italian dining experience because these family owned restaurants are places that no tourists can find on their own...

Each region has its own specialties, the differences can come from a bordering country (such as France or Austria) or whether a region is close to the sea or the mountains. Eastern of Italy, for example, conserved its historical link with Austria in so many dishes; chiffeletti, apple strudel, sweet gnocchi, goulash and stew. Venice and many surrounding parts of Veneto are famous for risotto, a dish whose ingredients can vary upon different areas, fish and seafood being added closer to the coast and pumpkinasparagusradicchio and frogs' legs appearing further away from the Adriatic. Along with risotto, polenta made from finely ground maize meal, is a traditional, rural food typical of Veneto and most of Northern Italy

In tSouthern Italy cooking is made simpler, anchored in rural tradition and based on inexpensive local ingredients like vegetables, fish and olive oil. Pizza is our trademark all over the world; but it tastes quite different in Naples where it was invented. Central Italy is famous for its egg and filled pasta made with soft wheat flour and also for its based meat products like prosciutto,culatello, salami felino, pancetta, coppa etc...

These are just a few examples of how rich and varied our cuisine is. We would need to live a hundred lifetimes to taste them all...