Here I am, writing about all my experiences as a traveller, wine&food lover, native Italian and Professional golfer. Let's chat, leave your comments, write me your questions, let me know your thoughts and let's share ideas... CIAO!

So happy to share this BLOG with my partener in crime and friend Alessandro Cerruti.His vast knowledge about art, wine, food, history and culture is the "cherry on the cake". ENJOY!

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Time goes so fast and today is December already… For a professional golfer it means rest, recover, stay home and practice, but for me it used to be the perfect time to enjoy other sports, like skiing. Many athletes do not want to practice other sports and I can see why; “what if I get injured?” or “I need a specific golf program and other sports would put my out of balance”… I have always believed quite the opposite. Enjoying other sport will improve your athleticism and it w