Itinerary 1: VENETO

preferred TIME of the year SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER
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With ITALY DREAM GOLF you can forget your wallet at home because EVERYTHING is included in the 
final price.
  • 8 golf courses (green fees, practice range, golf carts, playing with GIULIA)
  • 10 rounds of golf ( 7 of 18 holes, 3 of 9 holes)
  • Ryder Dream Match
  • 4 and 5 star HOTELS 
  • Private transportation (2 mini-vans and boat rides)
  • 24/7 cultural assistant
  • All Meals (out of 11 dinners we offer 9 dining experiences, 2 nights you are on your own)
  • Wine tasting and cooking class
  • All museum and cultural experiences    
  • Private Island in the Venetian Laguna    
NOT INCLUDED: airfare, shipping golf bags, travel insurance, 2 dining experiences, personal shopping, premium wine and sprits       

Veneto is one of the twenty Italian regions, stretching from the Dolomite Mountains to the Adriatic Sea. Venice is its regional capital and biggest city, and it is where most of the visitors spend their time. Once you discover what awaits you just one or two hours away from Venice, you will than be completely in love with the north-eastern part of Italy.


In the region of Veneto, there are 30 golf courses mostly located around the city of Verona and Padova. I have chosen 8 different courses that have two things in common: warm hospitality and

scenic settings. We will play golf surrounded by hills, mountain peaks and the Adriatic Sea.       

I know you will enjoy each of them especially if you choose to walk the course.

As part of the golf experience I have designed a teaching program which will allow you to improve your short game, long game and warm up routine. We will play different matches and games so we will be ready to compete in the “Ryder Dream Match” on our final day: USA against ITALY!



Day 1

We will meet you at the airport and drive you to the hotel. In the afternoon we will visit one of the most ancient wool factories, which supplies worldwide brands such as Chanel, Dolce&Gabbana, Armani, etc. If we will have time, we will also visit a castel and an Abbey, located within walking distance from the hotel.

Day 2

The first GOLF COURSE we will play is one of the three courses in Veneto and has 27 holes. The course was built in the 90’s and is owned by Benetton. 

​  • 18 Holes morning Tee Time

  • I suggest DRIVING

Ca' Amata Golf
Asolo Golf

Day 3

Next GOLF COURSE is located in the private park of Villa Ca’ Amata. The Club atmosphere is very cozy. The course is quite short and you will find a few lakes and weeping willow trees along the course.

  • 12:00 Quick lunch and 9 holes afternoon Tee Time

  • I suggest WALKING

Meltar Hotel/Golf Club Asiago

Day 4​ - 5 - 6

In 2015, this golf course was voted the best mountain golf course in Italy, as well as one of the oldest. Built in 1965, Asiago Golf Club is very narrow and hilly. It needs to be played with the right strategy. The club house was recently remodeled with clean and elegant taste.

  •  SATURDAY 9 holes afternoon Tee Time

  •  SUNDAY  18 holes 

  •  MONDAY 9 holes morning Tee Time

  •  I suggest WALKING, course is SHORT and hilly GREENS are close to next hole's TEE BOX

Golf Club Verona
Hole 15 Frassanelle Golf

Day 7

GOLF COURSE Number 4 is one of my favorites settings. As soon as the gates open, you will see the beautiful country house and putting green. The club is one of the oldest and most prestigious in Veneto. The course is short, yet challenging, and surrounded by vineyards.

  • 18 holes morning Tee Time

  • I suggest DRIVING.  Course is hilly, greens are close to tee boxes of next hole

Day 8

GOLF COURSE Number 5 is located near Lake Garda. It hosted the Italian Open twice and many Italian Amateur Championships. The landscape is unique, the golf layout is beautiful and it has been designed with a love for details: On each tee-shot area there are blooming roses matching each course colors (white, yellow and red).

  • 18 holes morning Tee Time

  • I suggest DRIVING. Course is hilly and long.

Day 9

I play here quite often, this GOLF COURSE is spread out over 200 acres and is located in a wonderful nineteenth century park. The club house is my favorite because it is charming and  the food is delicious. Hole 15 is probably the most beautiful PAR 3 I have played in my life.

  • TEE TIME 18 holes with lunchbreak 

  • I suggest WALKING. Course is flat, greens are close to tee boxes of  next hole

Golf della Montecchia

Day 11

The last GOLF COURSE will host the Ryder Dream Cup. We will play the Championship course and then celebrate our last evening in the famous Alajmo restaurant. Golf della Montecchia is the leading golf academy in Italy, featuring an amazing indoor facility and performance center.

  • MATCH STARTS at 1:30PM



Veneto was part of the Republic of Venice until 1797. Venice ruled for centuries as one of the largest and richest maritime republics and trade empires in the World. Veneto is the eighth largest region in Italy and the fifth most populated. It stretches from the Adriatic Sea to the Alps and it is divided by the river PO. In addition to beautiful mountains, hills and coastal scenery, Veneto offers many interesting cultural sights and famous cities. During the Italian Renaissance, Veneto was an important center of the European art scene. Bellini, Tintoretto, Veronese, Carpaccio, Canova, Palladio and Giotto are just few of the names responsible to have shaped new artistic movements and enable our country to culturally become the culturally richest in theworld.

Day 1

We will meet you at the airport and drive you to the hotel. In the afternoon we will visit one of the most ancient wool factories, which supplies worldwide brands such as Chanel, Dolce&Gabbana, Armani etc. If we will have time, we will also visit a Castel and an Abbey, located whiten walking distance from the hotel.

Day 2

Our day will start by driving along the “wine route of Prosecco”. PROSECCO is the main ingredient of the Bellini Cocktail and can be a less expensive substitute for Champagne. The history of Prosecco begins in 1593 and now the designation of its origin is protected and it can only be made in Veneto. The first town we will visit is rated one of the best medieval towns in Italy beloved by artists and poets. In fact, the main street is named after the famous poet Robert Browning. It is also called “the town with a thousand horizons” due to its hilltop position allowing a 360 degree view over the surroundings hills, mountains and plains. The town is originated in the year 590 but has been able to preserve its harmony and medieval ambience. You will feast your eyes on the natural scenery and on its unique architectural style.

Asolo medival town

Day 3

In the morning, we will drive to a medieval walled city founded in 1220 as a military outpost. The walls are 46’ to 52’ high and 6’9'' thick. After lunch, we will either bike or go visit a medieval castle. This castle was built during the Roman Empire to protect the line of communication, which connected Northern Italy to the countries on the other side of the Alps. Today it has been extensively restored and now houses a hotel, a theatre and a museum. The village where we will be staying is a picturesque village immersed in the lush green landscape of Veneto’s pre-Alp built in 1170 in the heart of the Prosecco “wine route”. In the late afternoon, we will go to one of my favorite restaurants to visit the fourth largest private wine collection in Italy.

Bassano/Italy Dream Golf

Day 4

We will start our drive early in the morning, stopping on the way to visit a "distilleria" in the famous town where grappa was invented..

Grappa has been produced since 1779

and if you have never tried it, I can

assure you that you will on our trip!

The city we will visit was founded in the second

century BC as an agricultural estate.

We will walk around and enjoy the main

sights of this splendid town: the cathedral,

, the upper castle, the famous wooden

covered bridge, the ancient palaces and

the ceramic museum, which showcases a

collection of thousands of beautiful pottery

pieces. After reaching our hotel that

afternoon, you will feel peaceful in the

beautiful resort located in the heart of

Veneto mountains.This mountain village

 is mostly famous for its cheese and its

cheese-making tradition dating back more  than a thousand years.

Day 5

We will dedicate our day to well being, sports and relaxation. There is no better place  to take a bike ride, enjoy a box lunch under a big pine tree, play golf, have a massage or relax in the hot tub before going to dinner.

relax/spa/Hotel Meltar


We will enjoy an easy morning, relaxing in this beautiful hotel and getting ready to drive to our next hotel. After check-in we will enjoy walking around this cute village situated along the river Mincio. The castle is beautiful and is situated on the hilltop guarding the hotel.

Day 7

We will start our drive early in the morning. We will visit the famous city celebrated by Shakespeare, who made it famous as the romantic setting for the moving tale of Romeo and Juliet. In ancient times this city was linked to the river as an essential route for traffic and commerce. In the third century, it became an efficient military base to the control the borders. Along with Romeo and Juliet’s balcony, we can admire the immense Arena, built by the Romans in the first century. As in all amphitheaters, the famous gladiators fights were held here; but today summer time lyric concerts can be enjoyed due to its amazing acoustics . The city has been recognized by UNESCO as a WORLD HERITAGE SITE, because of its urban structure and architecture. In the late afternoon, we will join the golf group to visit a MUSEUM which depicts the history of transportation by sharing a private collection of more than 200 cars, bicycles, motorcycles and airplanes. We will spend the night in a village by the river that still cherishes the tradition of cultural and commercial “crossroads”; where travelers over the ages have always found a place to rest enjoying good food and wine.

Day 8

We will drive to a wonderful city nominated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and in 2016 became the Italian Capital of Culture. This famous city is noted for its significant historical role in opera history and is also known for its architectural treasures and artifacts, elegant palaces, renassance and medieval cityscape.

Padova/Italy Dream Golf

Day 9

The last city we will visit is known for Giotto’s frescoes in the Scrovegni Chapel (1303-1305) and the vast Basilica of St Anthony built in 1232. Its University has existed for almost 800 years, the second oldest in the world, and today is one of the most prestigious in Italy. Walking around the town we can see young people relaxing under shady trees or meeting before lectures. Its beauty and prestige is underestimated and not many visitors make their way here, so while walking around the tiny streets and squares you can really soak in the lifestyle of Italians. Take a break at one of the oldest coffee shops in Italy for an espresso. Shop in local boutiques and mingle with the locals.

Day 10

A day to discover the Venetian laguna and Venice itself. There is so much to see and to say about Venice, a treasure of stones and marbles. The water mirrors the city, which unfolds over 121 islands connected to each other by 417 bridges. Millions and millions of wooden poles were plugged into the muddy land of the lagoon many centuries ago to create a stable surface over which the construction of the town was made possible. We can say, after all, that Venezia is a miracle. There are 3,000 calli (the streets), 148 churches (with uncountable art masterworks by artists such as Tiziano, Tiepolo, Veronese, Tintoretto, Bellini, Vivarini, Carpaccio, Palma il Giovane, Palma il Vecchio etc.), 170 tower bells and the most prestigious one is Campanile of S Marco with a height of 98meter. Walking around Venezia, you will notice the figure of a lion holding a book, overlooking the city for protection and standing as the symbol of this magnificent city.

Fondaco dei tedeschi/Venice

The food of Veneto brings together a variety of basic elements that make local dishes unique in flavor. Veneto's dishes have been influenced by the ancestors of Venice, but also from northern Europe. Polenta, rice, beans, baccalà and cuttle fish (squid) are used by seaside restaurants. Ingredients like porcini mushrooms, wild game and handmade bread gnocchi are found closer in dishes nearer the Alps. In Valdobbiadene, our first stop, there are some of the best restaurants in Italy. After much research, I have selected two of them: La Locanda da Lino and ristorante da Gigetto. In Valeggio sul Mincio the most famous dish is Tortelli, an egg past filled with vegetables and meat. We will dine where people all over the world come just to try this local speciality.

I know that every meal during our trip will be an unforgettable experience.

  • Welcome dinner in a splendid restaurant 

  • Hosteria with one of the top 5 cellars in Italy

  • Aperitif in a typical Italian cantina

  • Visit Distilleria of Grappa 1779 

  • Mountain Chalet dining experience

  • Experience the typical Venetian “baccheri” 

  • Enjoy fresh caught fish cooked as you please by your private chef


HOTEL Number 1

I have chosen this hotel because of the warm ambience specious rooms. It is a Relais Chateaux where comfort and beauty are guaranteed.

HOTEL Number 2

There is no more perfect golf vacation then waking up in the morning and already being on the first tee. A boutique hotel that blends sophistication with simplicity, putting you in perfect harmony with the natural surroundings. Breakfast is served in a cozy room, where you will be able to taste homemade jams and pastries with fresh cappuccino served in stylish ceramic cups.

HOTEL Number 3

This hotel is unique because you will experience living in a completely remodeled mill. The location is magical overlooking the river Mincio. The atmosphere is intimate, friendly and will help you live a dream of a lifetime.


You will wake up in the most exclusive place near Venice.

A private island of unsurpassed beauty, the island is a natural haven that embodies the tranquility and sophistication of the Venetian lagoon. The property is home to families of wild peacocks and a vast range of wildlife, its lovingly tended grounds cradling organic gardens and orchards, eco-friendly fish farms, and an ancient chapel. Blond wood, lots of whites, Eastern rugs and decorative elements, inspiring artworks, and natural, muted colors and fabrics make Santa Cristina a perfectly peaceful place to hang out. The Villa is surrounded by water, trees and amazing beauty. The swimming pool is just few steps away from the terrace and the boats are docked and ready to take you where ever you please.